Enhance SEL with Digital Signage

Turn school digital signage into an effective social and emotional communication tool.

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Top 10 forward thinking ways that turn school digital signage into an effective social and emotional communication tool in 2023.

Our kids spend most of their waking hours at school. This space is critical when it comes to shaping, guiding and getting them off on the right foot. That's why we teamed up with a Nationally Certified School Psychologist to help us understand the social and emotional needs of students in school. Our goal? Demonstrate how you can reinforce the processes and procedures around teaching resilience, crisis situations and crisis recovery through digital signage. Below are our top 10 ways you can use signage in your school to enhance SEL.


Create a safe school climate and be sure prevention programs are in place to teach pro-social skills and positive behaviors. Use violence and bullying prevention messaging to help set the tone of the school and reinforce that across your entire campus with digital signage.


Use digital signage to educate your students. Inform them of certain emotions they might be feeling like stress, anxiety and depression. Encourage them to reach out to an adult for help if they are having trouble managing their emotions.


Access to resources like mental health hotlines and school counselor information creates spaces where students feel safe. Be proactive. Digital signage can help put information like this on display to inform students of services available that they may not reach out for on their own.


Reinforcing self regulation skills like yoga, mindfulness, deep breathing and grounding activities throughout your school on digital signage allows your students to access these skills on a daily basis. It’s a reminder that they have the tools needed to keep calm whether there is a crisis or not.

Honor and Recognition

Recognize and honor student strengths while innovating with optimism. Help kids feel connected to their environment by honoring them for their hard work. Support students and make them feel seen by recognizing them in a variety of ways: sports, art, music - instilling a sense of pride. 


We all want to feel like we're part of a community and with the power of digital signage as a campus communication tool, you can let students know all are welcome. Share content that brings them together and offer an education that delivers, not only with grades & accolades, but a sense of belonging.


Having an environment where students feel safe, informed and connected is the key to successful learning. Promote positive youth behavior on digital signage and help kids feel connected to their environment by sharing expectations, school values and encourage a positive attitude.


The best schools have strong communities. Bringing students, parents, alumni, and the community at large together leads to better funding, recruitment, and retention. Communities look-out for each other. Share information that helps build strong school communities.


A healthy connection leads to a connected community. Making sure everyone is collectively seeing the same information (emergency or not) is important. Keep your campus connected by reaching students and staff no matter where they're located (classrooms, common areas and personal devices).


Sharing the right information throughout your entire school is vital. Clear communication is key and leads to a healthy connection.

Create Supportive Spaces

If our top 10 list interests you then be sure to check out our SEL booklet. Learn how digital signage can help you share the right content throughout your school, helping address anxiety that may emerge from a crisis, promote positive youth development and keep your entire campus connected. Learn more ...

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