Software Introduction

A. Carousel Vocabulary

One of the most important concepts is understanding the difference between channels, zones, and bulletins.


B. Getting Started

The first step of working in Carousel is to log in to the system. You will be sent an email invitation to get started.


C. Previewing Channels

Selecting configure and then channel will take you to the screen that allows you to view and edit your channels.


D. Navigating Zones

Before adding or editing any bulletins and content in Carousel, you must first navigate to the correct zone.


Type of Bulletins

E. Creating Template Bulletins

Creating a new bulletin from a template is a quick, easy way to add content to your display.


F. Uploading Bulletins

Use the upload bulletin option to get content created outside Carousel into your zone.


G. Dynamic Bulletins

A dynamic bulletin is one that pulls information from other sources, such as the internet and displays it on a bulletin.


H. Scheduling Bulletins

When creating or editing bulletins, you have the ability to schedule when they will be visible.


I. Bulletin Extras

You have several customizable options available when creating and editing bulletins and full screen alerts.


Managing Content

J. Managing Bulletins

Once you have a bulletin created, you can go in and manage that bulletin in the system.


K. Managing Templates

Viewing and managing bulletin templates can be done in any zone by clicking on the templates button.


L. Managing Media

Viewing and managing media can be done in any zone by clicking on the media button.



M. Full Screen Alerts

A full screen alert is a bulletin that will take over your entire display, overriding the channel layout.

Generic Icon Media

Setting up Cloud Players

There are many different options when it comes to players you connect with your signage software. Use the link below to find the device that's right for you and get connected.

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