Engage your community

Get everyone from new students to alumni feeling engaged with your school.

Engagement starts with effective and clear communication. Installing digital signage in places like admissions offices, student unions, athletic centers, and theatres is a great way to keep people engaged with your community. Don’t forget to give your staff the ability to keep those displays updated with relevant content!

Help people
find their way

Use digital signage to help direct students and staff on campus.

We want to make sure everyone who visits feels welcomed, informed, and connected. Use Carousel to display maps, schedules, and posters for events around your campus! Best of all Carousel can pull in schedule information automatically so it will always be up to date on your displays.

Extend signage everywhere

Get the most out of your investment with multi-use devices.

Digital signage in public spaces using dedicated devices is a no-brainer! But have you thought about extending your content into classrooms and conference rooms? The fact is that most of our students and staff are in rooms more than public spaces. Using collaboration devices like Apple TV, Mersive and Zoom Room allows us to communicate to people where they are the most.

Empower your content creators

Carousel is the perfect balance of
central management and broad participation.

We know that content is the hardest part of digital signage. We want as many people as possible to create and manage the content that is important to them. However, it can’t be a free for all! With a centralized content management platform and extensive user permissions, Carousel helps you get a handle on your digital signage network.

Carousel in collaboration spaces.

Utilize the resources you already have in place.

Get more value out of your collaboration appliances by using the resource you already have in place to run digital signage. Carousel works seamlessly with Mersive, Zoom and Apple TV turning your conference rooms into instant collaboration spaces. Imagine working with your colleagues and sitting down in front of any screen in the building and instantly collaborating. When you're done, your displays automatically return to your standard corporate messaging and branding.


With the rise of new collaboration and video conferencing tools, there is a much better way to communicate to the people in your office. Integration with the Solstice platform extends the reach of digital signage into your conference rooms in a very cost-effective way.

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Zoom can be used for collaboration rooms that allow you to share your presentations to the screen. When you're done, leverage displays to project compelling content to your employees and guests with digital signage.

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Digital Signage Resources

We want you to be successful on your  
digital signage journey.

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There are countless stories of digital signage in the field. Read how others in your industry are using Carousel in their facility.

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To help assist with the daunting task of managing digital signage, we've put together this playbook of tips, tricks, and strategies.

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