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Keep Your Campus Connected.

Create a network of strong communications throughout your campus and beyond.

Share accurate, real time information in a moments notice creating connected students, parents and faculty.

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Recruit & Retain

Recruiting new students & retaining them is a challenge, but with the power of digital signage as a campus communication tool, you can put innovation & success on display.

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Connect Students

We want to make sure everyone who visits feels welcomed, informed, and connected. Use Carousel to display maps, schedules, and posters for events around your campus!

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Offer students an education that delivers, not only with grades & accolades, but a sense of belonging. Do that by sharing content across your campus that brings students together.

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Campus Wide Communication at UC Merced.

The team at UC Merced wanted a solution that would allow multiple departments to easily create compelling content that would engage audiences, and keep content fresh and dynamic. Upon evaluation of several solutions, Carousel Digital Signage offered the best solution to meet these and other goals, including scalability to existing buildings.

“There is a lot to offer with Carousel Cloud that we simply could not get before.”

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Connect Your Campus Today:

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Recruit & Retain

Enhance the student-athlete experience by creating a modern locker room that becomes your competitive advantage. Create a "Winner's Mindset" (instilling a sense of pride) setting current athletes up for ultimate success and giving potential ones a look into what could be.

Improve the stadium experience for fans by entertaining them with information about seasonal statistics, past achievements, game schedules, stats and clips of the entire team.

  • Honor star players past and present
  • Entertain visitors before games
  • Recruit prospective players
  • Improve the game day experience



For customers who are looking for robust and reliable purpose built devices designed for signage.

Mersive Solstice

Great for customers who want to extend the reach of digital signage into conference rooms.


Turn your Zoom Rooms into Carousel signage endpoints to superpower signage in meeting spaces.

Apple TV

A powerful yet simple deployment and management tool with incredible value. If you're already invested in the Apple ecosystem, this device is for you.

Chrome Enterprise

Low-cost option that allows you to deploy and manage the device and player app remotely.

LG webOS

Seamless integration and clean installation that allows you to keep viewers connected.


A great solution for mixed device environments, and easily scales to meet the needs of organizations.

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Download the booklet and learn how to amplify & engage your students with tailored content in all the right places at just the right time.

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Use Cases for Your Campus.

Connect students and staff throughout your campus by sharing messaging like:

  • Upcoming Events & Special Announcements
  • Alert and Safety Messaging
  • Campus Directories
  • Cafeteria Menu
  • Team Spirit Awards
  • Faculty Announcements
  • Student Appreciation
  • Student Union Information

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“Carousel makes the maintenance of a sophisticated signage network easy. ”

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“Carousel is one of the most comprehensive digital signage solutions that helps us in a quite efficient way. ”

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“Integrated easily with Apple TV. No additional software needed to create content and pushes out quickly! ”

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“It's easy to deploy and very easy to use even for inexperienced users. ”

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Case Studies

There are countless stories of digital signage in the field. Read how others are using Carousel in their facility.

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Best Practices

A collection of thoughts and ideas that we have developed based on 20 years of experience in the industry.

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To help assist with the daunting task of managing digital signage, we've put together this playbook.

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