Content is King

Successful digital signage design is about more than just looking sleek.

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An effective design will give as much attention to what is being displayed as it does to aesthetics. Functionality should come first, then give your message a pretty package. When we say "content is king" we mean that your message is the most important aspect of the digital signage. The design of the screen should support the information being displayed.

Layout Contributes to Success

Before you can lay out your screen, you need to ask yourself some questions.

When you have these questions answered you'll be able to start designing your screen. Be sure not to overwhelm the screen, focus on content that is most important and dedicate the largest section of the screen to that.


Where (location wise) will your content will be displayed? (break room, lobby, conference room)


Who will be in the location of your displays? (employees, potential clients, existing clients, students)


What information is best to share with the people in that location? What are the needs of your viewers? (event info, advertising, cafe menu)

Helpful Tips

Think about these things when displaying your message

  • Font Size - Be sure your text is large enough to read from afar and for people passing by
  • Font Color - Black on light colors and white on dark colors is the best scenario for your text. Use colored text for titles and subtitles only and be weary of certain colors like blue, yellow and red for font colors.
  • Legibility -  Too many conflicting graphics can make text hard to read. Keep backgrounds simple.
  • ADA Compliant
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