The Connected

Students and teachers can effortlessly share, collaborate and inform through digital signage.

A connected classroom is much more than computers, projectors, and cables. It’s a space where students and teachers can effortlessly share, collaborate, and inform each other using tools that enhance the experience without standing in the way. Many technology-based efforts of the past have failed in this sense, as teachers and students wind up struggling with clunky interfaces and incompatibilities, distracting them from the actual learning experience. Ironically, technology that focuses on making the technology itself “disappear” is a key success criteria of creating a truly connected classroom experience.

School Safety

Bring communication to students quickly with Carousel by leveraging connected classroom tech.

Schools look towards solutions that fit with their connected classroom initiatives to bring fast, effective communication into the spaces where students are: the classroom. Significant initiatives in technology that will keep students and teachers feeling safe, fostering a better environment for learning.

Community Building

Increase both student and community engagement with digital signage by fostering social hubs where community comes together.

Schools of all sizes, from neighborhood elementary schools to large public universities, are an integral part of our communities. We know the best schools have strong communities supporting them. Bringing students, parents, alumni, and the community at large together leads to better funding, recruitment, and retention. Schools will continue to be significant social hubs where community comes together.

Jamf + AppleTV + Carousel

A winning combination.

Traditional digital signage networks are expensive, difficult to manage and vulnerable to attack through potentially insecure devices. But, Apple TV, Carousel Digital Signage and Jamf are changing that narrative.


One of the biggest challenges when running a digital signage network is maintaining and updating the software that runs on the media players. This is where Jamf and Apple VPP really shine!

Product Setup Guide - Jamf School Product Setup Guide - Jamf Pro 10 and Newer

Apple TV

It is super easy to deploy the Carousel app onto an Apple TV with Jamf. Furthermore, we have developed an exclusive integration with Jamf that allows important messages to interrupt Airplay sessions.

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