BrightSign + Carousel

A Collaborative & Rock Solid Combination.

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Reason 1

You want a purpose built media player dedicated to signage and designed for continuous playback / high demand environments.

Reason 2

You need a high performance media player with powerful video playback, graphics, html engines that also supports interactivity.

Reason 3

You require HDMI input, expandable storage or POE.

Reliable, Purpose Built Media Players

Carousel plus BrightSign is a powerful combination for customers who want a digital signage network that allows for broad participation, helps keep content fresh, and values long term sustainability.

Combine the ease of Carousel’s content management software with the power of BrightSign’s XT, XD, and HD series media players.

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Easy to Deploy, Adopt & Scale

Deployment to a single store or thousands of stores are both easily achievable with Carousel + BSN Cloud. Grow your sales and retain your frontline workers with this cost effective solution.

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