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January 23
  • CSL-3390 - Player settings can be edited as expected when managed by MDM.
January 22
  • CSL-3339 - Carousel will now only send player offline emails for Apple players.
  • CSL-3279 - Server-side security improvements.
  • CSL-3295 - Server-side security improvements.
  • CSL-3107 - Fixed an issue where the Player dashboard could display an IP address of a player instead of its name.
  • CSL-3247 - Fixed an issue where uploading multiple individual image bulletins at the same time could fail to upload some of the images.
  • CSL-3333 - Increased reliability of the web picture functionality.
  • CSL-3352 - Properly put bulletins into the zone rss feeds.
  • CSL-3100 - Fixed an issue where videos uploaded with special characters in their name, such as '#', would not be able to be played by certain players.
  • CSL-3294 - Improved notification email layouts on small screens.
  • CSL-3323 - The player dashboard will now show connected/disconnected player status in a timely manner.
  • CSL-3172 - When a bulletin is being saved for later the button will now display "Save".
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