Communicate with digital signage

Help employees, customers and guests feel welcomed, informed, and connected with digital signage.

Digital signage is a great way to communicate with people in your space. From simple directions, to highlighting amazing people, to showing off your work. You will find a million ways to use digital signage to make people feel welcomed, informed, and connected in your space.


Creating community is more important than ever before. We can do this by creating the right atmosphere through digital signage.

What problem are you solving? Do you need to inform employees of meetings and company events, or are you promoting your brand to potential customers? Do you need to display your cafeteria menu or guide people throughout the building? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you connect your audience and bring your community together.


Get as much value as possible from your office space by keeping it agile with digital signage.

Office space is one of the biggest expenses for a company, so it is important to get as much value out of it as possible. As we change our offices to accommodate new technology, a more transient workforce, and focus on the bottom line, we will want our space to be extremely adaptable. Digital signage is a great way to keep your office space agile. You might have a regular work day, then host an event in the evening, then hold a customer training session the next day. Your signage can instantly change content for these changing scenarios throughout the day!

Carousel in collaboration spaces.

Utilize the resources you already have in place.

Get more value out of your collaboration appliances by using the resource you already have in place to run digital signage. Carousel works seamlessly with Mersive, Zoom and Apple TV turning your conference rooms into instant collaboration spaces. Imagine working with your colleagues and sitting down in front of any screen in the building and instantly collaborating. When you're done, your displays automatically return to your standard corporate messaging and branding.


Zoom can be used for collaboration rooms that allow you to share your presentations to the screen. When you're done, leverage displays to project compelling content to your employees and guests with digital signage.

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With the rise of new collaboration and video conferencing tools, there is a much better way to communicate to the people in your office. Extend the reach of digital signage into your conference rooms with Mersive Solstice.

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Apple TV

Carousel for Apple TV is a great solution for deploying digital signage in entryways, common areas, and conference rooms.
Get true zero-touch deployment by leveraging MDM tools like Jamf Pro.

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