So what is Free Daily Signage?

At Carousel, we believe the number one factor in successful digital signage is fresh content. Generating fresh content can be hard, so we made this RSS feed that is updated weekly with serious and silly holiday announcements! Follow the directions below to get started!

How it works

Download the bulletin package here to get started.

Follow the directions below and you'll be on your way to fresh content in no time.

Select Zone

Log into Carousel and select the zone you want to display the Fresh Feed in.

New Bulletin

Select new bulletin from the main menu and choose "Uploaded".

Customize it

Need more control over your layout?

Build your own RSS bulletin in Carousel to style the feed however you would like. Just pop in into the URL for the RSS bulletin. Don’t forget to make a WebPicture block and add the place holder #ItemImageURL#


Are you using another digital signage system or authoring tool like BrightAuthor? No problem! We would love to share our content with you :) Just use the following RSS feed to get access:

Fresh Template

What it looks like

From National Taco day to National Wildlife day, the feed has it all.

We've created a top notch feed of both serious and silly holiday announcements. From National Taco day to National Wildlife day. Along with holiday graphics you'll also enjoy a bundle of photographs from our own Carousel team, word of the day, inspiring quotes and fun facts!

Fresh Feed

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