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of all sizes.

Keep everyone from your corporate office to your school districts, storefronts & everywhere in-between feeling welcome, informed & connected by delivering targeted messages to screens of all sizes.

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Right Person, Right Place, Right Time.

By tailoring your content to the unique interests and needs of your audience, you not only enhance the impact of your messages but also create a more meaningful and rewarding communication experience for both you and your audience. Reach the right people at the right place and time by sending communications not only to your wall mounted displays, but to mobile devices as well.

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Desktop Computers

Extend the reach of your classic digital signage to screen savers ensuring your communications are reaching your entire team.

Wall Mounted Displays

Continue to reach your audience as they walk through the front door or sit down in common areas with wall mounted signage.

Screens of all sizes


Supercharge the technology you already have in place and bring more value to multi-use devices, like the iPad, by integrating digital signage.

Mobile Devices

Reach a mobile audience by sending your communications to phones.

K12 Education

Share accurate, real time information in a moments notice.

Solutions in K12 ...

Higher Education

Effectively communicate with students across your entire campus.

Solutions in Higher Ed ...


Connect your city with consistent communication across all GOV locations.

Solutions in Government ...


Link your store metrics with your corporate office and field leaders.

Solutions in Retail ...

All the tools you need for precise audience targeting.

Supercharge your communications by consolidating your tools
and eliminating communication chaos

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Calendars and Feeds

Integrate your chosen calendar feed (iCal, Google Calendars, Exchange, rSchool ) or harness the power of Carousel's versatile RSS feature to integrate any of your preferred news, educational or sports feeds.

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Presentations and Slideshows

Do you have a favorite slideshow / presentation software you use? Create content in your preferred environment and upload it to Carousel. This provides you with ample opportunities to craft and showcase your messages.

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Media Players

We leverage the best media player technologies ranging from BrightSign and Apple devices (including Apple TV, tablets, and mobile devices) to LG, Mersive, PWA, Windows, ZOOM and Chrome Enterprise.

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So Much More!

Whether it's integrating Common Alert Protocol, displaying Power BI, connecting with Slack, or incorporating YouTube videos, Carousel provides the tools you need to effectively communicate the desired information to your audiences.

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Learn the basics

Log in, choose a template and start sharing your messages.

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Choose from a variety of pre-made templates or access specific ones from our library. Upload your content or opt for dynamic templates that update themselves!

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Our approval workflow holds content created from users until an administrator approves it. This allows for more people to submit content while maintaining control over what is displayed.

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Reach everyone, everywhere: through personal devices and our accessibility site. Integrate Carousel into your existing tech for seamless, instant communication.

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“Integrated easily with Apple TV. No additional software needed to create content and pushes out quickly! ”

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