General FAQs:

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a way for organizations to share visual communications (videos, messages, imagery) through displays / monitors. It is an effective means to engage your audience across many different locations.

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is software that helps organize digital content. It allows users in an organization to collaborate and create, edit, manage and publish communications.

Carousel FAQs:

What types of content can I add?

With Carousel you have the ability to use our predesigned templates to add information, upload images or video files, add dynamic content like RSS, integrate calendar information, Time, Date, etc.

What players are supported?

We focus on making the best content management software with the ability to leverage the best media player technologies such as: Apple TV, Apple iPad, BrightSign, Chrome Enterprise, Mersive, Zoom, and Mac OS.

Our express players allow you to reach your audience everywhere: Screen Savers, Website Players and tablets.

How many users am I allowed to have in the system?

We want everyone to participate in creating content for your digital signage system. Create as many user accounts as you would like!

How easy is it to create content?

Creating content in Carousel is easy. Simply select a predesigned template that ships with our channels, add the information and images you want to share, and publish your message.

How much does Carousel cost?

Carousel starts around $2500/year and depending on the scope of the project, it can go up from there.

Are touch screens available?

With the right screen, Carousel can be used to create interactive bulletins. Interactive bulletins are interactive HTML bulletins made for things such as touch screen kiosks and wayfinding maps built for a specific purpose.

Can we easily use Carousel across multiple locations?

Yes! You can easily add Carousel Players to locations across your organization. You just need a player license and a supported media player. Also, check out our express player option to widen your reach as far as your audience is spread!

What type of training options are available?

We offer free training for the basics to get you up and running and paid training packages to make you an expert Carousel Creative! Pick the plan that is right for you!

What type of support options are available?

We have a free support plan that is included with Carousel along with a Pro and Enterprise plan to help keep your signage network running at peak performance. Choose the plan that is right for you!

How can Carousel connect individuals?

Consistent communication in an organization is important. With Digital Signage you can connect everyone (near and far) with the same information, making sure everyone is on the same page and feeling connected to one another.

Will audio play with my videos in Carousel?

Yes! If your hardware can do it, Carousel can play the audio along with your videos.

What we are not:


DocuSign is a software that allows you to electronically sign documents. We are software that allows you to share visual communications (on displays in different locations) within your facility.