Apple TV + Carousel

Why Apple TV rocks as a media player.

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Reason 1

You want a media player and multi-purpose device. Leverage the power of the Apple TV to connect with students when you’re not using it for playback or collaboration.

Reason 2

You want to use AirPlay Interrupt to push content to devices at specific times, displaying important or timely information. (morning announcements, emergency notifications and special events)

Reason 3

You love the Apple ecosystem because deployment, management and updating is a breeze and the Apple ecosystem keeps you secure.

A Great Solution for Classrooms

Modern classrooms with tools like Apple TV and iPads have changed the dynamics between the teacher and the student and they will continue to change. Classrooms are much more of a collaboration space where students and teachers can join forces and work together. The Apple TV is the perfect tool to change with you. Deploy Carousel onto Apple TVs and reach students when you’re not using it for playback or collaboration.  

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Jamf + Apple TV + Carousel

Leverage your existing Apple infrastructure by turning your Apple TV devices into powerful media players with Jamf & Carousel. Carousel for Apple TV is a great solution for deploying digital signage in conference rooms, classrooms, entryways, and common areas.

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