QR Codes in your Digital Signage

Top 10 ways to use QR codes in your digital signage.

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Generating a QR code is easy and it’s free. Let’s take a look at 10 fabulous ways you can ditch the paper and go digital with QR codes.

Take it with you

QR codes can allow you to take information with you. When students view a campus directory, menu board or bus schedule you can provide a QR code that allows them to take information with them ensuring they have the everything they need, on the go.

Extend Your Reach

Create simplicity by showing minimal text onscreen and send students, staff, and faculty to websites that host additional information with QR codes.


QR codes can give people access to important spaces like the parent portals or calendars.


If there was ever a space known for paper sign-ups, it’s school! Use QR codes and ditch the paper. Send people to digital forms for events, auditions, volunteering: you name it!


Make it easier than ever to buy tickets to events, sports games, theater productions, etc.

Classroom QRs

Provide students with a quick and easy way access to course materials like videos related to a school project.

Alleviate Stress

Make appointments - Being on the go makes it hard to sit down and call someone to book an appointment. QR codes can help alleviate the stress of everyday life; use them to help students schedule appointments while they’re on the run.


Make it easier than ever for people to donate! With a quick scan, anyone who wants to donate can without having to navigate to your donation page from your website or fill out a clunky form. This makes it very easy for kiddos to hock those wares and raise money for your school.

Extra Extra!!

Access articles in the school paper and check out the daily announcements all with the click of a button.

Gain Followers

By sharing QR codes that take students, staff, and parents back to your social media pages, you can easily grow your audience: ensuring they’re getting pertinent information that you share on different platforms.

Looking for free QR code generators? Try one of the below:

QR Code Generator

QRCode Monkey

Looking for QR code templates for Carousel? Click here:

Carousel QR Code Templates

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