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Build stronger

Connect people who serve your community along with the people who live in it.

Networked, digital signage helps bring people together, serving as a community’s connective thread.

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Connect with Citizens

Stay connected with your citizens. Effectively communicate to the public in a way that keeps them informed, engaged and safe.

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Engage Visitors

Be sure visitors feel welcomed into your community. Use Carousel to display maps, guidelines, and directional information for your facility.

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Retain Employees

There are challenges when informing and engaging with front line teams. Be sure employees feel recognized and supported with clear communication.

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Modernize Government Communications.

San Bernardino County Department of Child Support Services in California has substantially increased the efficiency of internal communications with digital signage.

"Thanks to Carousel Cloud’s user-friendly platform, scaling and management is hassle-free when we add new screens and mix in different content."

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Build a Stronger Community Today:

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Carousel in Collaboration Spaces.

Carousel works seamlessly with Mersive, Zoom and Apple TV turning conference rooms & common areas into instant collaboration spaces.

Imagine working with your colleagues and sitting down in front of any screen in the building and instantly collaborating. When you're done, your displays automatically returns to your standard corporate messaging.



For customers who are looking for robust and reliable purpose built devices designed for signage.

Mersive Solstice

Great for customers who want to extend the reach of digital signage into conference rooms.


Turn your Zoom Rooms into Carousel signage endpoints to superpower signage in meeting spaces.

Apple TV

A powerful yet simple deployment and management tool with incredible value. If you're already invested in the Apple ecosystem, this device is for you.

Chrome Enterprise

Low-cost option that allows you to deploy and manage the device and player app remotely.

LG webOS

Seamless integration and clean installation that allows you to keep viewers connected.


A great solution for mixed device environments, and easily scales to meet the needs of organizations.

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The Secret to Success

How municipalities, both big and small, stay connected with their citizens.

Digital signage is a powerful communications tool that helps keep your community connected. From the DMV to police stations, city halls and across libraries, keeping your city connected across all government locations creates a more confident, unified community.

Build a Stronger Community with Digital Signage Today
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Use Cases for Your Municipality.

Connect the people who serve your community along with those who live in it by sharing the right content:

  • Upcoming Events & Special Announcements
  • Policies, Procedures & HR Information
  • Waiting Queue Information
  • Interactive Directories
  • Urgent Messaging
  • Employee Accomplishments
  • Shift Schedules
  • Safety Information

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“Carousel makes the maintenance of a sophisticated signage network easy. ”

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“Carousel is one of the most comprehensive digital signage solutions that helps us in a quite efficient way. ”

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“Integrated easily with Apple TV. No additional software needed to create content and pushes out quickly! ”

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“It's easy to deploy and very easy to use even for inexperienced users. ”

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Case Studies

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To help assist with the daunting task of managing digital signage, we've put together this playbook.

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