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You want a solution that is a monitor and media player all in one.

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You're looking for seamless integration and clean installation.

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You want a media player with outstanding value.

Seamless Integration. Clean installation

Combining Carousel with LG's SoC commercial displays (WebOS 4.1 and WebOS 6.0) allows you to display captivating content while keeping your viewers welcomed, informed and connected in the most seamless way possible.

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SoC Displays Running WebOS 4.1 & 6.0

LG's commercial line has many different options and it's important to select a compatible model. The models listed here are representative of SoC displays running WebOS 4.1 and 6.0:

WebOS 4.1: 98" - 43" UH5F Series and the 22" SM3G Series

WebOS 6.0: 86" - 43 UL3J Series and the 32" SM5J Series

Compatible displays must have LG's System On Chip (SOC) running either WebOS 4.1 or 6.0. Displays that do not meet this requirement are not supported. (e.g. the UR6 series is not supported as it does not have the SOC feature) . We recommend testing any display for compatibility before deploying your signage network. Please contact your LG representative for any questions regarding displays that have SOC with WebOS 4.1/6.0 compatibility.

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