Breathing Room

Giving your content space makes it easier for viewers to read.

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What is breathing room? Breathing room (or white space) separates elements in a design and improves the overall visual layout. For example, if you have a section of your screen dedicated to news and a section dedicated to weather, the breathing room is the amount of empty space in-between each item. Too little white space can lead to confusion, disorganization and no focus; too much could highlight a lack of content and make the screen feel empty.

White space is not wasted space. When used correctly, white space brings balance to a layout. It allows the eye to flow through the information listed which creates a better user experience. Allowing your content to breathe means people can focus on a section of the screen, absorb the content, retain the content and then move on to the next section of the screen which results in successful digital signage.


Good flow. Your eye moves across the screen from left to right absorbing information.


Too congested. Hard to stay focused and follow one section of the screen.

Helpful Tips

  • White space - Helps maintain focus
  • White space - Improves visual organization
  • White space - Increases readability

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