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Carousel allows you and your team to create and collaborate on messaging so you have a diverse, fresh set of content with different perspectives. Log in, choose a template that's right for you, upload your media and start sharing your visual communications in your facility.

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We’ve always said “Updating signage needs to be easier than sending an email”.  If everyone is able to contribute by creating content, you are more likely to be successful.

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With Carousel it’s easy to have many different collaborators. Users access is set up through roles (Users can have as many roles as needed). These roles define what permissions a user has on what zone. 


Carousel's approval workflow will hold content created from users until an administrator approves it. This allows for more people to submit content while maintaining control over what is displayed. 

When content is approved it goes to your media player  ...

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Media Players

Hardware devices that display your content.

A dedicated media player is responsible for sending your content (whether it’s images, video, interactivity, or messages) to the screen. There are both dedicated media players (ex. BrightSign) and collaboration devices (Ex. Apple TV, Mersive, ScreenBeam) that can be leveraged for signage content playback. There are many different types of media players. It's important to choose the one that's right for you. 

On the flip side of "dedicated" media players, Carousel offers what we call Express Players.  These players deliver your content to people no matter where they're located through tablets, websites, screensavers and even Slack. Carousel Express Players are lightweight deployments of digital signage content. They're designed to extend the reach of your classic digital signage.

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After the content goes through the media player it gets sent to your Channel ...


Your entire display is a channel.

A channel is everything that you see up on your display when it is turned on. All of the content you build is displayed on a channel. You can have many different channels throughout your facility that display the same information or different information based on what is best for that location.


Channels are broken up into 1 or more zones.

Zones are individual areas on your channel that you can put your content in. Users build content for specific zones.

Shared Zones can be displayed on any channel you choose. A shared zone might be something like the time or current weather condition. A shared zone is something you want displayed on all channels throughout your facility.

Unique zones are specific to one channel and only appear on the channel configured to display it. This allows you to have different announcements in your break room for employees than for guests in the lobby, while shared zones such as the time and current weather conditions display in both places.


Zones are placeholders for 1 or more bulletins.

Zones contain many different bulletins made up of important messages, audio, video, images and alerts. Bulletins are the actual visual elements that you put on the display for all to see.

You can choose from a variety of templates that ship with Carousel to create your bulletins and you can schedule them throughout the day.

Keep your content on your channels fresh by utilizing the many different features Carousel has to offer ...

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Feature Highlights

Carousel digital signage software keeps your content fresh through collaboration, dynamic playlists, data feeds, and scalable server software. Discover all the amazing features Carousel has to offer:

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