Reduce anxiety & increase student resiliency with the help of visual communications.

Download the booklet and learn how digital signage can help you share the right content throughout your school, helping address anxiety that may emerge from a crisis, promote positive youth development and keep your entire campus connected. 

This booklet is intended to compliment the processes and procedures put in place by schools in regards to teaching resilience, crisis situations and crisis recovery. It is not intended to be a crisis response guide for schools. National, state and district guidelines should be consulted regarding your school specific crisis response protocols. 

Give students the tools, knowledge & services needed to be ready and calm in a crisis.

Our kids spend most of their waking hours at school. This space is critical when it comes to shaping, guiding and getting them off on the right foot. That's why we teamed up with a Nationally Certified School Psychologist to help us understand the social and emotional needs of students in school ... and then we turned that knowledge into content.

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Our Goal?

Demonstrate how you can reinforce the processes and procedures around teaching resilience, crisis situations and crisis recovery through digital signage.

Enhance Social & Emotional Learning with Carousel

In addition to the booklet we've created a series of templates for Carousel users that help support you, your teachers and your students. Templates like these and more can be found here. We hope you’ll be able to use these resources to learn how you can enhance social and emotional learning with digital signage in your school.

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