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Celebrating 25 years of Digital Signage Excellence.

It all started back in 1997 when one of our founders was working for an audio visual integrator. His job was to train teachers how to use multimedia authoring software to put the school lunch menu on the tube TVs that were hung in the hallways. This was a frustrating job because the teachers just didn’t understand how the software worked which lead to training them over and over again. Until we had our aha moment! It’s not that the teachers weren’t smart, it was that the tool wasn’t made for them. This is when the founders set out to make “signage” software that everyone could use! This core principle is the still core to Carousel over 20 years later.

The first version of Carousel was built

Way back in 1997! This was way before digital signage was even a word!

First web-based digital signage product

With accessibility as the most important feature,
Carousel was the first web-based digital signage product.

AV Integration Partners

Carousel partnered early on with world-class AV integration companies to help customers succeed with digital signage.

Signage boom!

Digital Signage became an industry and Carousel was a mature product in a very young market. Bringing instant value to customers.

Small form-factor media players

Knowing that the installation of media players was one of the hardest elements of a signage install, we innovated with the first small form-factor media players.

Multi-zone capability

Understanding that people had limited time to watch digital signage channels, Carousel introduced multiple-zone capability to increase information density.

Integrate all the Things!

We know that keeping content up to date is hard. That's why we were the first to integrate with industry standard data sources like RSS, iCal, Exchange.

BrightSign Media Player support

With the rise of purpose-built media players, Carousel jumped onboard by supporting the best media players built.

Apple TV media player support

Always looking for the best of breed media players, Carousel was the first to support Apple TV as a media player!

Carousel Cloud

Keeping in the spirit of serving the customer, Carousel Cloud delivers our digital signage CMS as a hosted, software a a service solution.

Multi-Use Devices

Expanding and challenging the assumptions of classic "media players" Carousel supports a variety of multi-use media players including Apple TV, Mersive Solstice, and Zoom Rooms.

Staying true to our roots we keep usability in the forefront of our software.

Carousel Cloud leads not only with the best user interface for collaborative signage environments but true zero-touch media player deployment.

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