Single Zone VS Multi Zone

How to determine when to use one over the other.

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There are many ways to set up the look and layout of your signage. You may opt for full screen, single zone messages or you might go with a multiple zone layout that allows you to display multiple pieces of information at the same time. Either way there is a good reason to use one over the other.

Single Zone Layout

Single zone layouts allow your viewers to focus on 1 piece of information at a time. It helps keep your content focused and simple.

Multi-Zone Layout

Multi-zone layouts allow you to display more than 1 piece of content at a time but it’s important to note that multi-zone layouts have their advantages and disadvantages.

Helpful Tips

Single Zone

  • Give content room to breathe. Just because you are using the entire screen doesn't mean you need to fill it entirely.


  • Dedicate 1 zone to main content, the rest should be secondary
  • Dedicate your main content to the largest section of the screen
  • Don’t overwhelm the viewer, less is more

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