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There are plenty of ways we share and communicate with people these days. From websites to social media pages and yes, sometimes the odd piece of printed material. These are all avenues that can help you reach your audience. If you’re having trouble coming up with content for your signage think about the many ways you're already communicating with people and incorporate that into your digital signage communications:


We see a lot of people wanting to share banner graphics that have already been generated for the home page of their website.

Social Media

You're already creating content for social media; carve out time to create a file that allows you to share that same message on your digital signage.


Think about content that you place into your brochures. Portions of this information can be reformatted and displayed.


Graphics are a great way to grab attention and infographics are a great use case for digital signage because they tell the story through imagery vs text.

Trade Show Content

Facilities generate tons of content for trade shows such as e-blasts that communicate what booth they'll be in to videos they display in their booth.

Videos and Animation

Companies of all sizes have animated logos and brand messaging videos that are perfect for sharing on digital signage.

The idea to re-use this content allows you to reach more people. The people that don’t follow you on social media or visit your company website see your important content in the lobby of the office building they just walked into. You are broadening your reach and getting more bang for your buck. Less work, more reach.

Helpful Tips

  • Try and use consistent sizes across the board (when you can), it eliminates extra work and makes it easier to share
  • If re-using something like a brochure be sure to strip it down. Digital signage needs simple, easy content that can be quickly absorbed.
  • Change it up. Share the same message but in a fresh new way. You need to keep people engaged.
  • Share often, not always. If they feel like they are seeing the same content over and over they will stop paying attention.
  • It’s said that people need to hear/see something 7 times before they really remember it.
    Repetition over a short timespan = good, Repetition over a long timespan = bad/stale

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