Know Your Audience

Craft content that acknowledges your audience and you will succeed.

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As a best practice, it’s imperative to determine who it is you’re trying to communicate with before you dive into a signage project. This will help you determine how you tell your story to your audience. In order to communication effectively, you must know who it is you are talking to. When defining your audience keep these things in mind:

Content Goal

What problem are you solving? Do you need to inform employees of meetings and company events (internal digital signage) or are you promoting your brand to potential customers (external digital signage)? Do you need to display your cafeteria menu or guide people throughout the building? There must be a reason you purchased your signage in the first place. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you find the right solution.

Content Location

Do you need to quickly grab the attention of people passing by or are your screens located somewhere people congregate, somewhere people have time to read? (Corporate break room vs a parking lot where people are coming and going.) Knowing the location of your signage will help determine what your audience could benefit from.

Who is Your Audience?

Who is your target market and what do they need? Not knowing your target market could mean a wasted effort on your behalf.


What solutions can you provide your target market with? Are you creating content for people that need to be informed, given direction or welcomed? Are you advertising goods and services? What time of day is it ... is your audience ready for coffee or ready for happy hour?

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