Installing Digital Signage

The first step to successful signage is determining the location of your displays.

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Digital signage is used in all sorts of ways and places. As an employee communication tool that helps motivate and recognize employees in the break room. As retail digital signage that helps guide customers in a mall, and to large scale digital billboards advertising products on the outside of a building. When we think about the placement (or location) of these signs, we need to think about how long a viewer will be in eyeshot of the signage, and how much time it takes to absorb the content. This is the primary metric for determining where your signage should go.

Viewer’s Time to Content Length Ratio:

This is a better 2/1 ratio. This means that the viewer will see the information twice in one viewing.

1/4 ratio is bad. They will only see a fraction of the content.


We can see that putting displays in places where people gather and spend more time increases the amount of content length we can have.

Entry / lobby - 3 Seconds

Hallway - 2 Seconds

Break / Lunch Room - 120 Seconds

Conference Room - 120 Seconds

Common Area - 300 Seconds

Waiting Room - 600 Seconds

Workout Area - 3,000 Seconds

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