Deploy successful signage networks.

25+ years of signage experience under our belt.

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MEET JAMIE. Carousel empowers individuals like Jamie with the knowledge and expertise to deliver the right solution to customers of all sizes.

Carousel's secure, scalable cloud
platform ensures Jamie’s customers are up and running quickly, always have the latest features, and best of all, Jamie can stay connected as they expand. BE LIKE JAMIE.

(Oh, and did I mentioned Jamie likes us? That's because we're an awesome bunch to work with.)

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Help your customers supercharge their communications

Help eliminate communication chaos by harnessing the power of Carousel's versatile RSS feature, integrating favored calendar feeds, creating content in preferred environments and leveraging the best media player technologies.

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Easy to Maintain

We provide the knowledge, expertise, and resources to help put all the pieces together, delivering the right solution to the right people.

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Well Supported

Our support is exceptional and our content library and training modules (accessible from within the software) are included in every Carousel Cloud subscription.

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At Carousel, we implement several safeguards within the application, infrastructure, and our organization to protect client data. Always look for vendors that put security first.

Selling Signage

With Mike White and Eric Henry

Join Mike White and Eric Henry in this 4 part video series as they talk about why selling signage is hard, how to help your end users succeed and what recurring revenue opportunities are sitting at your fingertips.

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Content Library

No need to worry about creating content for your customers. This library is included with a Carousel Cloud subscription and gives subscribers unlimited access to channel designs, templates, icons and more!

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How easy is it?

We make it easy for you and your customers to get up and running quickly. It all starts with a message ... Log in, choose a template that's right for you, upload your media and start sharing visual communications.

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Media Players

We leverage the best media player technologies ranging from BrightSign and Apple devices (including Apple TV, tablets, and mobile devices) to LG, Mersive, PWA, Windows, ZOOM and Chrome Enterprise.

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