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"Carousel will continue to make investments in this area to ensure the highest level of security and compliance and build and maintain trust with our customers.”

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At Carousel, we prioritize information security and compliance. We have a dedicated team responsible for leading and managing security initiatives that support our products and organization, but you can rest assured knowing that it’s not just this InfoSec team who is concerned about security; we are a company full of security-conscious champions! Security is everyone’s responsibility even if it’s not in your job title. We provide weekly security training opportunities that ensure our entire company is proactively prioritizing and integrating security considerations into everything we do.

People + Policies + Programs 

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We understand the importance of a layered approach when it comes to protecting our organization and our customers' data. In addition to hiring great people, we have implemented 20 information security policies that outline our organization's approach to security. We also maintain playbooks and procedures to support our incident response, risk management, vendor management, vulnerability management, security operations, and other information security and privacy programs that we have at Carousel. On top of all of that, we also have advanced tooling and technologies in place that enable us to secure your data more effectively and efficiently.

“We save customers time, money, and resources by incorporating SOC 2 principles into everything we do."

Compliance Certifications and Attestations

We base our information security program on industry standard frameworks and conduct regular audits to ensure we are meeting our commitments to ourselves and our customers. We engage with third party partners to conduct a SOC 2 Type 2 audit and application penetration. We are a member of State Ramp and we are TX-Ramp Level 1 certified and renew that certification every three years. We also regularly update other recognized security assessments, such as the Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment (HECVAT) and Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) designed to measure and communicate our security posture.

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Want more info?

Visit our security Knowledge Base to learn more about our information security practices. We are excited to offer the following security and compliance related certifications and attestations for your review:

  • SOC 2 Type 2 

  • TX-Ramp Certification


  • HECVAT Lite

  • VPAT

  • PenTest Reports

  • CAIQ

  • SIG Lite

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