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With Carousel Cloud, your security is priority.

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The Difference Between "Them" and Us.

With many SaaS application, everyone's data gets "co-mingled" together. What does this mean? It means that the database is a shared virtual machine that could potentially put your data at risk. Software can have bugs and mistakes. What happens if there's a bug in the "data filtering and isolation" part of the software? Software bugs and security issues may result in you seeing someone else's data. Or worse, someone else getting access to yours.

With Carousel Cloud your security is priority. We keep each customer's data physically isolated from other customers (private server vs shared). Totally separate databases, storage volumes, and servers. You're not sharing resources with other customers. Data is never mixed with other customers, giving you the confidence that your data remains yours, and yours alone.  It’s the best and most secure way to run cloud operations AND its included in the price.

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