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Digital Signage in Manufacturing

Cost effective communication solution for the factory floor

From the factory floor to your corporate hub, digital signage is an easy and cost effective way to keep staff feeling welcomed, informed and connected.


Respect and value.

Create a sense of community with digital signage that will boost employee confidence and help improve retention.


Improve awareness on the factory floor.

Safety protocols and instructions, accident free days and training. Communication is key and targeted messaging to the floor helps improve awareness and keep everyone aligned.

Ease of use

Easy to deploy, safe & secure

Keep employees feeling informed, safe and secure whether they're working from the factory floor or at the corporate office.

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Targeted messaging to the floor helps improve employee awareness at Graco.

Incident summaries and safety messages are just a few of the ways Graco is using Carousel to keep it's employees informed and aware on the factory floor.

Use Cases in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Breakroom

Breakroom communication

Manufacturing Employee

Highlight employees & other achievements


Stream realtime live notifications

Manufacturing Solutions Emergency Message

Inform staff during emergencies

Incident Free

Share accident free days

Retail Safety

Display safety protocols

Enterprise-level Deployment Tools

Easy to deploy, safe and secure.

Deployment to a single store or thousands of stores are both easily achievable with Carousel + BSN Cloud or Carousel + Apple TV. Grow your sales and retain your frontline workers with this cost effective solution.

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Carousel plus BrightSign is a powerful combination for customers who want a digital signage network that allows for broad participation, helps keep content fresh, and values long term sustainability.

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Apple TV

Carousel for Apple TV is a great solution for deploying digital signage in lobbies, common areas, and breakrooms. Get true zero-touch deployment by leveraging MDM tools like Jamf Pro.

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There are two parts to a digital signage system. The media player which connects to the display and plays the content, like the Apple TV. And the content management software that helps the user create and manage the content, like Carousel!

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Digital Signage Resources

Case Studies

There are countless stories of digital signage in the field. Read how others are using Carousel in their facility.

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Get Inspired

If you're having trouble figuring out just what to put on your screens, then this is the place for you.

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Best Practices

A collection of thoughts and ideas that we have developed based on 20 years of experience in the industry.

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To help assist with the daunting task of managing digital signage, we've put together this playbook.

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