Getting started with a Carousel Software Subscription is easy!

6 steps you need to know to get started:

Figure out where to communicate.

Determining who it is you’re trying to communicate with will help you determine what locations to communicate in. This then determines how many screens you will need.

Conference rooms and classrooms are great places to communicate! If you need help figuring out who to communicate to and where you should install your screens, these articles might help:

Know Your Audience ...
Where to install digital signage ...
Ideas and examples ...

Decide what media player works best for you.

When you know how many screens you will have, then you can decide what media players will work best in those locations. In fact, you might already have devices that can be used as media players!

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Sign up for a Carousel Software Subscription.

Get in touch and we'll get you started. After you sign up, connect your media player to Carousel Cloud and it will instantly start displaying your content.

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Make your screens look amazing.

Figure out how many unique locations you want to communicate in and then work with our design team to get content up on your screens for every location.

What ships with a custom branded Carousel channel?  All channels ship with a custom background branded for your business, icons and pre-made templates geared to your market.

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Get your staff trained quickly by our top-notch training team.

Get the most out of your Carousel Cloud subscription with the Carousel Academy. It's our online training curriculum delivered to you in bite size chunks.

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Keep your content fresh.

You're ready to start creating and communicating with Carousel Digital Signage! View the links below to keep your content looking fresh:

The Fresh Feed - Free content for your digital signage system.Content Examples - Content ideas to spark the imagination.Best Practices- Find ultimate success on your signage journey.
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