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Digital Signage in Healthcare

Communication for patients & visitors

We believe that efficient communication can have a really positive affect on our spaces and on our community as a whole. This all starts with clear and accessible communication tools, tools that reach patients where they are. Take patient care and education to new heights with a dedicated, cloud-based Carousel Digital Signage network.


Help people feel welcomed, informed & connected.

Reach staff, patients and visitors throughout your facility in waiting rooms, patient rooms, cafeterias and breakrooms delivering location specific information to each location.


Create a better patient experience.

Enhance the patient room experience with tailored content delivered to Apple TV and iPad.


Deliver information directly to the patient.

Empower patients and give them the opportunity to live full and productive lives by delivering education and entertainment content directly to their fingertips.

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Utah Health

University of Utah Health shares their digital signage story at JNUC 2020

Rehab specialists at Utah Health use digital signage to promote well-being, communicate with patients and publish the cafeteria menu. The solution allows healthcare providers to share content to digital signage displays. Watch the video below to discover more about the innovative ways Utah Health is using Carousel Digital Signage.

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Use Cases in Healthcare

EDU Entertainment

Deliver patient entertainment

Healthcare Education

Provide patient education

Health Wayfinding

Hospital wayfinding

EDU Cafeteria

Create menu boards

Health Lobby

Display waiting room signage

Corp Attention

Keep nurses & doctors in the loop

Jamf + AppleTV + Carousel

A winning combination.

Traditional digital signage networks are expensive, difficult to manage and vulnerable to attack through potentially insecure devices. But, Apple TV, Carousel Digital Signage and Jamf are changing that narrative.


One of the biggest challenges when running a digital signage network is maintaining and updating the software that runs on the media players. This is where Jamf really shines!

Apple TV

It is super easy to deploy the Carousel app onto an Apple TV with Jamf. Furthermore, we have developed an exclusive integration with Jamf that allows important messages to interrupt Airplay sessions.

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There are countless stories of digital signage in the field. Read how others are using Carousel in their facility.

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