Support Plans

Pro Plus Plan Details

Availability Windows

  • Tier 1 Availability: Monday-Friday, 7am - 7pm US/Central, excluding holidays
  • Tier 2-3 Availability: Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm US/Central, excluding holidays


  • This support plan offers a priority response for email / web cases. To ensure cases can be properly routed to the priority queue, the designated primary contact must provide and maintain a specific list of email addresses, or an email domain from which cases will originate. Cases that originate outside of the customer provided and maintained email lists/domains may be routed to the standard support queue, and in that case may not receive a priority response.
  • The designated primary contact can update the case origination email lists at any time by creating a support case containing the requested changes.

Email / Web support:

  • Support cases can be created by either emailing or using our online case submission form.
  • Email / web cases are entered into a priority support queue. All cases in this queue are initially addressed in the order they are received by Tier 1 support teams.
  • Reasonable commercial efforts will be taken to prioritize an initial response for cases in this priority queue over cases in the standard support queue, based on the severity of the issue and existing case load.
  • Initial response time: Reasonable commercial efforts are made to provide an initial response to cases within 24 hours of submission (within the Tier 1 availability window), but may take up to 2 business days, depending on overall caseload and the priority of the issue.

Phone support:

  • On-demand phone support with the Tier 1 support team is available during the Tier 1 availability window above.
  • The on-demand phone helpdesk number will be provided to the primary support plan holder at the beginning of the support plan term.
  • At their discretion, Tier 2-3 support teams may choose to schedule a call if necessary to resolve an escalated case, depending on nature of the case.

Case Escalations

  • Cases may be escalated from the Tier 1 support team to the Tier 2 or 3 support teams on a case by case basis, depending on the nature or severity of the case.
  • Tier 2 or 3 support teams are scheduled during their availability window above. Escalated cases are scheduled with these teams based on staff availability and overall Tier 2 or 3 case load.
  • Overall time to resolution depends on the complexity of the issue or the environment in which the system resides.


  • The benefits of this plan are available during the duration of the support plan term.
  • If this support plan is not renewed at the end of the term, the benefits in this plan will terminate, and the support level offered will revert to benefits listed in Free Support.

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