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Amber Ward

Captivate Audiences with Meaningful Content

We all know the stories of businesses that embrace digital signage as a concept, but never quite get there.

We all know the stories of businesses that embrace digital signage as a concept, but never quite get there. The monitors are mounted, the content grows stale and the screens go black. Before long they abandon the platform. This happens because they never quite knew what they wanted to say before starting their digital signage journey.

The point of digital signage is to visually communicate and share relevant messaging that keeps people feeling welcomed, informed and connected. This means you need to know what you want to say with your digital signage before you install it. And while it does require some thought, creating content doesn’t have to be hard. With the right plan and tools in place, administrators can quickly develop fresh and dynamic content with engaging messages that capture attention, and then allow them to get back to their regular work day.

It should never be “content for content’s sake”. That’s spam. Digital signage engages the audience when the content has meaning. That means knowing what messages to convey to specific people in certain locations. Develop a plan, know your audience and engage with content that is relevant to the people in those spaces. People in the cafeteria need to know the special of the day, visitors in the lobby need to know how to navigate the building, and a large enterprise with screens by the elevators might engage workers with content relevant to their departments and meeting spaces.  

Streamline the content creation process so that administrators can produce branded, targeted, and timely messaging by using a platform that takes these things into consideration. Carousel Digital Signage takes the approach of offering templates branded to your facility with the organization’s logo, color scheme, and other brand-specific marketing visuals. That also means templates unique to each vertical, allowing your facility to easily define and brand your message and then quickly update and push that content. Connectivity to third-party data feeds also makes it easy to pull in additional content that matters. All of this saves time and simplifies the content creation workflow for the digital signage administrator with an already full plate.

For more information on how you can captivate your audience with meaningful content, visit our Digital Signage Best Practices page.

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