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Learn how to amplify & engage your students with tailored content in the right places at just the right time.

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Recruit & Retain

Recruiting new students & retaining them is a challenge, but with the power of digital signage as a campus communication tool, you can put innovation & success on display.

Share content that:

  • Encourages students to follow the facility on social media.
  • Lets students know where they can send important questions.
  • Displays your latest achievements.
  • Showcases Alumni testimonials and quotes.
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Connect Students

We want to make sure everyone who visits feels welcomed, informed, and connected. Use Carousel to display maps, schedules, and posters for events around your campus!

Share content that:

  • Reinforces mental health initiatives.
  • Reminds students to meet with counselors around upcoming semester prep.
  • Shares information about the newest professor on staff.
  • Displays important upcoming deadlines.
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Create Belonging

Offer students an education that delivers, not only with grades & accolades, but a sense of belonging. Share content across your campus that brings students (and staff) together.

Share content that:

  • Highlights events that bring students together (Pep Rally)
  • Shines a light on students who've gone above and beyond.
  • Makes them aware of mental health services available to them.
  • Improves student wellness and teacher wellbeing