Corporate Communications on the Factory Floor

Windows and doors manufacturer employs Carousel Cloud to keep workers informed on daily production, quality levels, and more

Corporate communications on the factory floor of a market-leading windows and doors manufacturer were limited to a whiteboard in the lunchroom. This made it challenging to keep workers consistently updated on important developments. Every day, employees in this facility must be briefed on production counts, quality and engineering notes, safety messaging, and internal communications, such as updates from the human resources department.

A factory engineer reached out to Carousel Digital Signage for a solution that would provide a simple, impactful way to display fresh and vital company messaging. The resulting deployment is a Carousel Cloud digital signage network that delivers this content to BrightSign media players across five production lines, as well as a line for packaging and shipping. Messaging is updated every 24 hours at 6am local time; in addition to production counts, quality and engineering notes, and safety reminders, displays are supplemented with a digital clock, weather updates, and RSS feeds for news and sports. Each production line has a dedicated channel with unique content, while HR announcements are shared across all screens. Since English is a second language for many of the manufacturer’s factory employees, content is graphic-heavy with minimal text when possible. Due to Carousel Cloud’s IT-friendly deployment, the factory engineer oversaw all system set-up and deployment, including the creation of playlists, custom templates, and scheduling. Carousel Cloud’s partnership with BrightSign made the display rollout seamless. Various departments are now contributing content and messaging thanks to Carousel Cloud’s quick learning curve. The cloud- based software accelerates content delivery and management for all users.

Deployed during a particularly active phase of the pandemic, Carousel Cloud has helped the manufacturer comply with physical distancing rules in addition to streaming corporate communications on the production floor. Supervisors no longer have to present production reports at a whiteboard, with workers crowded around. With the displays on each production line, employees can consult the screens from their work stations. The manufacturer now has plans to scale out its Carousel Cloud digital signage network to a second location. The templates within the solution enable the network administrator to establish branding guidelines on how visuals are structured, enabling the delivery of consistent, quick-to-digest messaging across the organization. As all stakeholders continue to utilize the system, senior management regularly discovers new ways to leverage its capabilities, resulting in a night and day difference from how the company communicated with its employees before.

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