We can see how efficient communication can have a really positive affect on our spaces, on our community, and on our globe as a whole.

The COVID-19 crisis is changing the corporate work environment. There’s an opportunity to leverage technology in these spaces to keep employees and guests informed, engaged and safe. Conversations with Carousel was created so we can engage with the community and help offer a solution to those who have to navigate this new normal.


  • Thomas Hayes from the University of Ottawa
  • Dan Zimmer from DataVisual
  • Tom Mendoza from BrightSign
  • Scott Douglass from Carousel

Conversations with Carousel


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Return To Work

Casual conversations with the Carousel team about re-opening in the new normal. No sales pitch, just tips and Q&A

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

11:00 am


Why is it important to you?

As the country re-opens we're flooded with new protocols that need to be shared. We'll talk about:

Evolving Rules & Regulations

Guidelines associated with the pandemic are constantly changing. Digital signage is a great way to remind people of existing protocols or communicate new ones.

Ease of Use

Updating and adding messages on a daily or even hourly basis is important right now. You can use digital signage to communicate quickly and easily with everybody.

Multi-platform Devices

Visual messages across multiple devices is the best way to communicate. Reach employees throughout your facility in many locations in different ways.

Ideas we'll discuss

Learn How:

Safety protocol and directional information can keep customers and employees safe.

The Apple iPad, Zoom, and Mersive players can help you communicate in an alternative way.

To push your content to other systems, like Slack.

The Carousel Website Player/Public Site allows you to share content remotely with employees.

QR codes can be used so customers can take information with them.

Return to work with Case Study

iSpace uses digital signage to navigate their tour space.

As companies get ready to re-open in the “new normal", they need to adapt and change their surroundings to fit new guidelines. iSpace Environments is a premier workplace furnishing company, outfitting flexible environments that reflect the way workplace culture evolves. And evolve is certainly what they're needing to do at this very moment. We all are. As they transform their show floor into a space that guides and educates visitors they will also use it as a tool to show other businesses how they to can utilize signage in their space as we return to work.

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Conversations With Carousel


Casual conversations with the Carousel team about re-opening in the new normal. No sales pitch, just tips and Q&A


Return to Work

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

11:00 am