Web & Interactive Bulletins

June 9, 2020

Web & Interactive Bulletins

Hello! I'm JJ. I'm really excited to share with you a great new addition to Carousel Cloud. Web and Interactive bulletins.  

These new bulletin types do just what you would expect. They show web pages on your digital signage. Web bulletins are designed to show HTML content in any of your zones. This can be your website, a dashboard, or custom HTML content. An Interactive bulletin adds, you guessed it, interactivity! This means that if you have a touchscreen, the user can interact with content.      

Let's dive into each of these types, in a bit more detail.  

To make a web bulletin simply enter the URL. The website will fill the size of the zone you are in. Unfortunately, not all media players support displaying HTML content. For example the Apple TV will not show a webpage natively. In this case we take a snapshot of website and display it, keeping it refreshed every 15 minutes. For all other media players, the HTML will display with all of its css, and javascript goodness.    

Interactive works nearly the same but it allow the user to interact with the content IF it's being displayed on a touchscreen AND the media player supports it. This feature works great on BrightSign media players and iPads!

Any device that does not support interactivity will simply skip the bulletin. Interactive bulletins have an 'Inactivity Timeout' setting which means, if the bulletin isn't interacted with, Carousel will reload the site. This is designed to 'reset' your content after someone is done using it.    

Remember, when your media player is displaying HTML content it needs to be able to get to the URL you gave it. If you entered your favorite website, for example spacejam.com, but your media players are restricted to only contact your Carousel Cloud server they would not be able to show that content.

Conversely, if you entered in an internal URL that your media player can get to, but the Carousel Cloud server can't, the preview won't work. If you have web or interactive bulletins that don't work, go see your network administrator and play this part of the video for them!    

Be sure to check out our knowledge base for all the technical information and media player support on these features!


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