Carousel Cloud for iPad

April 26, 2019

Carousel Cloud for iPad

Hi! I'm Grant from the Carousel team. I am really excited to introduce our new Carousel Cloud Player software for the iPad. It works just like our Apple TV app, and makes showing your content a snap. And, of course, it is all manageable from your favorite MDM software, like Jamf Pro!

There are many cool uses for digital signage an an iPad.

Menu Boards

Room signs

Coffee Freshness Monitors


To extend the reach of your permanently mounted digital signage

For example, let's pretend we are in a school environment... I'm a student.

I'm sitting in the media center doing some research on my iPad. This is a typical situation, especially if your school has a 1:1 initiative. Now I can simply launch the Carousel app to watch the rotation of messages just like I would see in my classroom. But, who are we kidding, most students aren't going to do this.

The real power of visual messaging kicks into high gear when you combine Carousel with Jamf Pro. Now, if I'm working on my research, and a high-importance message is published, that message will display over my current app. Because of the flexibility built into Jamf, we can set this iPad to stay locked into that message for the duration of the alert, or allow the user to exit back to their previous app.

We love bringing more value to multi-use devices like the iPad and Apple TV by integrating digital signage. Whether you are using the iPad as a dedicated media player or as a multi-use device we hope this new app helps you communicate better. Thanks!

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