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JJ Parker

JJ Parker

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Hello! I'm the co-founder and CEO of Tightrope Media Systems. Tightrope makes the Carousel Digital Signage Software and Cablecast Community Media products. We started Tightrope in 1997 and I have been applying my unique perspective on work, live and personal expression ever since. I grew up as a nerd (my first computer was an Apple II) and then went to art school (MCAD). I believe that entrepreneurship is an artistic expression and every business should be treated as an art project. When I'm not building companies I'm spending time with my wife and 3 kids on the lake, playing tennis, snowboarding, or hanging off the side of a mountain.

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Tightrope Media Systems offers a unique company culture and work environment that is friendly, flexible, and fun. Our team values self-starters, communal input, healthy work/life balance, and positive attitudes in the face of a challenge. If this sounds like you, you'd probably make an excellent addition to our team!

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Compassion -> because of -> People, Relationships, Humanity

Clarity -> because of -> Accountability, Simplicity, Efficiency, Scalability

Continual Improvement -> because of -> Growth, Journey, Craft

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