ScreenBeam + Carousel

Enabling seamless collaboration and engagement where people gather.

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Reason 1

Maximize the value of your ScreenBeam investment by using them as digital signage displays.

Reason 2

Engage with students and staff when displays are not being used for wireless presentations.

Reason 3

It's a mixed device environment requiring wireless screen sharing across platforms.

Seamless Engagement & Collaboration

The combination of ScreenBeam and Carousel is a great solution for mixed device environments, and easily scales to meet the needs of organizations with a few conference rooms or thousands of classrooms.

Together we enhance collaboration spaces by helping keep students and staff engaged and informed whenever people are not wirelessly screen sharing.

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Native Wireless

Provide a seamless wireless projection experience across Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Chromebook devices. Eliminate all contact points including dongles, buttons, remote controls and switches. Creates a standards-based wireless connection from any user device.

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