Mersive Solstice + Carousel

Communicate & Collaborate with Solstice and Carousel.

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Reason 1

Integration with the Solstice platform extends the reach of digital signage into your common spaces. There are no additional hardware or build-out costs required.

Reason 2

Instantly install digital signage into any Solstice-enabled space, turning common rooms, classrooms and conferences rooms into collaboration spaces.

Reason 3

With Carousel + Solstice organizations get enterprise signage and collaboration in all of their huddle spaces, meeting rooms, and transitional spaces.

Conveniently Communicate in Collaboration Spaces

Carousel digital signage is easily enabled on Solstice Pods allowing organizations to conveniently communicate company announcements, events, and other valuable information until a meeting starts, at which time the display seamlessly transitions to a wireless collaboration session. All with enterprise level security and scalability.

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Extend Your Reach

Mersive + Carousel provides a tool to help companies communicate how to use spaces while allowing collaboration. Turn Conference rooms and classrooms into instant collaboration spaces by sharing your presentations to the screen. When you're done, leverage displays to project compelling content to your employees, guests and students with digital signage.

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