Put student wellness at the top of your list!

Carousel can help support student safety, foster a positive learning environment and reinforce social and emotional well-being. Download the booklet and learn how digital signage can help your school:

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Impact academic success

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Promote positive youth behavior

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Improve student wellness and teacher wellbeing

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Establish a campus culture that builds healthy habits today:

This booklet is intended to compliment the processes and procedures put in place by schools in regards to teaching resilience, crisis situations and crisis recovery. It is not intended to be a crisis response guide for schools. National, state and district guidelines should be consulted regarding your school specific crisis response protocols. 

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So much more

than digital signage.

Small Changes. Big Results.

We teamed up with a Nationally Certified School Psychologist to help us understand the social and emotional needs of students in school, and then we turned that knowledge into a booklet. Putting a system in place that helps push your social and emotional learning initiatives allows you to engage with students, improving student wellness, campus safety and creating a positive impact on academic success and teacher wellbeing.

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Maximize Your Efforts

Raise awareness
by reinforcing your social and emotional learning initiatives
throughout your school with digital signage.

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Create Supportive Spaces

Keeping students safe both physically and mentally is a challenge. Bring fast, effective communication into the spaces where students are: classrooms and common areas.

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Build Stronger Communities

Share accurate, real time information in a moments notice creating a stronger, connected student body.

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