Harco Federal Credit Union

Credit union uses digital signage to keep customers informed while waiting in line


Harco Federal Credit Union, located in Bel Air, Maryland, is home to 7,000 members and four branches. As a typical bank Harco was promoting their rates and special programs via snail mail and in house promotions. It was soon discovered that the time their members spent waiting in line was an excellent option to inform them of these programs. In comes Carousel.

With two flat panels in the lobby, Harco opted for a five-zone layout which allowed them to maximize their screen real estate and viewer interaction. They have zones dedicated to current interest rates, current promotions, current financial news (via RSS), the current date and time, branch branding and even a crawl showing current weather conditions. Outside, they mounted 2 more panels above the drive through lanes using a one-zone layout. As Harco expands their signage to their other branches, they have plenty of room to grow.

Harco Federal has a Carousel Pro Server which delivers content to two 210 players. (This setup allows for plenty of future expansion.) They are also running four 42" Samsung panels, two of which are mounted in Stainless Steel Chief Mounts for their external signage. Delivering content to these panels through a twisted pair to VGA converter was no problem with the 200 foot run. Off-site content management was a synch with Carousel's web interface. As Harco expands their signage to include their other branches, they can populate the zones with ease using the centralized server. This solution provides Harco with the ability to maintain branding styles throughout their branches while still being able to display branch specific information.

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