Brigham and Women's Hospital

New signage network is used at six locations affiliated with Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston


Boston, MA–A digital signage system is a bit like real-estate–three factors stand out: ease-of-use, ease-of-use, and ease-of-use.

Or at least that what Justin Edwards, account manager for MA-based Smithcurl Communications, said of a signage network installed last year at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) in Boston: "Ease of use was the one factor they kept on stressing. They wanted something so easy that everybody could use it."

No wonder. The new signage network is used at six locations affiliated with BWH. They currently have more than 100 staff members trained to post messages.

The network consists of 27 Carousel players from Tightrope Media Systems, each showing message on a 52-inch or 65-inch Sharp Aquos LCD display. The players are connected to the hospital's wide-area IP network, with bulletins created on and served by Tightrope's Carousel Enterprise application. Users access the server-based system from any computer on the network via a web browser.

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