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Upgrade Assistance DETAILS

A Carousel representative will remotely assist with performing an update of the existing Carousel 7 server software on the same server instance. Does not apply to upgrades from Carousel 6 or below, or for migrating to a new server instance. If you have Carousel 6 you will need to purchase Migration Assistance. Does not include any advanced configuration options, player installation assistance, or data migration. Please allow 1-2 business days for scheduling. This service does not include the cost of the software license upgrade.


  • Remote access to the server
  • The ability to log into Windows using the local Administrator account, or an existing Carousel service account
  • A backup has been made of the SQL databases and the media folder.


The following checklist items will be completed as a part of the Upgrade Assistance service.

  • The updated software is installed on the server
  • Users can log into the UI using their accounts both locally on the server and from another workstations web browser
  • There are no errors on the system health screen (Dynamic bulletin errors may appear depending on the servers ability to connect)
  • A bulletin can be created and published
  • Previously connected players are connected and displayed in the dashboard
  • If Brightsign players or AppleTV's are used, they have updated and are back online
  • If Windows players are used, one will be updated with Carousel representative assistance if remote access is given to the player
  • The player(s) can successfully download and display content from the server