The new features of Carousel Cloud allow you to reach more people, keep your cost down, get continual updates and features, and you don’t need to worry about maintaining a server on your network.

Option A: Start Fresh

Start fresh with brand new channels. Our team is constantly evolving and implementing new ideas to be sure your signage shines.

FREE CHANNELS: Hit the ground running with one of our free starters channels.

BASIC CHANNELS: Choose from a variety of low cost, pre built layouts to meet your needs.

CUSTOM CHANNELS: Work with our team to get a fully customized channel, built from the ground up.

Option B: Do it Yourself

Already in love with what you've got and don’t mind putting in some work to get your channels converted to Cloud yourself? This option is for you.

RESOURCES: We will provide you with the resources to export and send over your current content.

CONTENT: The Carousel Team will get that content into your Carousel Cloud account for you.

UPDATES: Read our conversion guide to view all the updates you will need to address.

Other things to consider:

Prefer text over video? Read our conversion guide.

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This training is designed for organizations that are converting their digital signage from Carousel 7 to Carousel Cloud.  Each pack provides one user with unlimited access to 300 level courses for 60 days.

CLD300 Differences Training

This course shows all of the differences a user will experience between the Carousel 7 platform they previously used and the Carousel Cloud platform they are transitioning to. Topics include dynamic bulletins unique to Cloud, user management changes,  system settings, and more.

CLD310 Connecting Players in Cloud

This course will show a user how to connect every type of player to their Cloud system. Express players are also highlighted, which were not available to Carousel 7 customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the starting costs for Carousel Cloud?

Annual License Subscription starting at $2,500 / year up to 10 players. Optional channel designing starting at $2,500 per channel.

What if I need help exporting my channels?

Our fantastic Technical Support Team is available to help with problems and issues as they arise, and will work to make it the smoothest transition possible. For additional help, you can always visit our knowledgebase.

What if I'm on an earlier version of Carousel?

If you're on Carousel 6 or earlier, contact us so we can walk you through your options.

How will this affect my users?

If your users are familiar with Carousel 7, then they are familiar with Carousel Cloud! They will need to know some new basic information, like what the address of the new login page is, but we will help in crafting those messages as well.

Will all of my current equipment work with Carousel Cloud?

There are some feature and hardware differences between Carousel Cloud and 7. Reach out to our sales team, by filling out the form above, and we'll do an analysis of your current signage network.

What are the differences between Carousel 7 and Carousel Cloud?

While there are many, the biggest is that with Carousel Cloud, you don’t need to worry about maintaining a server on your network. For a full breakdown of what features are available see our Comparison Chart

Need a hand? We can help: