Carousel 7.3 - Security, BrightSign, and EMS Software

May 24, 2018

Carousel 7.3 - Security, BrightSign, and EMS Software

Hi! I'm Seth

And I'm John. We are part of the Carousel engineering team. Today we are going to show you some cool new features in Carousel 7.3.

For this release we have really been focusing on security. The first thing we did was "TLS All the Things!"

What Seth means is that Carousel now supports Transport Layer Security so that all communication between the server, user interface, and players will be secure. To enable this feature you need to configure IIS with a valid SSL certificate for your organization. Once that is done, you will get the happy little green HTTPS lock icon and feel good that all your communication is safe.

Next up are a few additions to our BrightSign support. Everyone knows how we love those purple boxes... but there was one feature of Carousel that still didn't work on BrightSign. Any guesses??? Repeating bulletins! If you had a repeating bulletin in Carousel the BrightSign player would just skip it. What a bummer. Now BrightSign supports repeating bulletins so your dynamic playlists will now be more dynamic!

We also added support for international frame-rates. BrightSign players now play the correct frame rate, no matter what side of the pond you are on. You can set the frame-rate in the advanced section of the player dashboard. 

We also made using EMS Software as a data source for event bulletins possible again! We also updated the integration with EMS to use their SOAP API. This will allow Carousel to work more consistently across different version of the EMS Software.

And to cap it off we fixed a bunch of bugs, so go check out the full release notes on our website!

Thanks for watching, we'll see ya next time!

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