Starter Channels

Things just got a little better. Free channels for Carousel Cloud.

Before you request a channel below, you need to be sure you're running Carousel Cloud. If you're not running Carousel Cloud click here. If you have any issues with the installation, or just need help, please contact our technical support staff via email:

View the channels below. When you've decided which layout works best for you, move on to step 2.


Channel layout built with 1 large zone in mind.

A great, simple place to start when you want your video, imagery and messages to shine full screen.


Channel layout built with 2 zones in mind.

A great choice for users who need to display 16x9 video or prominent messages alongside small amounts of information like time, weather and event reminders.


Channel layout built with 3 large zones in mind.

A great multipurpose L-bar layout set up with video, events and feeds in mind.

Single Portrait

Channel layout built with 1 vertical zone in mind.

A great choice for users who have vertical displays. Perfect for displaying poster size content, event listings and important information.

To add the selected channel to your Carousel Cloud account, complete the request form below.

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