Notable changes.

December 5, 2019

  • CSL-3292 - The player now requests that files it uses should not be cached.
  • CSL-3203 - Fixed some security related issues.
  • CSL-3290 - Fixed an issue where the breadcrumb links would sometimes be half unclickable.

December 3, 2019

  • CSL-3126 - Improved web snapshot performance.
  • CSL-3234 - Fixed an issue where users were unable to create new Identity Providers for SSO.
  • CSL-3057 - Improved stability with player API connection.
  • CSL-3198 - Fixed an issue where Daylight Saving Time events were off by one hour when the zone's timezone was set to default.
  • CSL-3199 - Fixed an issue where all day events would show up on the wrong day during Daylight Saving Time when the zone's timezone was set to default.
  • CSL-3225 - Changed the authentication token lifespan and refresh timing to improve the user experience.
  • CSL-3231 - Fixed an issue where inviting multiple users at once would result in only one user inheriting the assigned roles.
  • CSL-3240 - Fixed the API browsing page.
  • CSL-2994 - Fixed an issue with the BrightSign and Mersive players where bulletin rotation would behave strangely when there were exactly two bulletins in the zone.
  • CSL-3195 - Fixed a random service crash when getting license information.
  • CSL-3215 - Fixed an issue with drag and drop targets for media uploads.
  • CSL-3226 - Increased the lifespan of the user invite email link.
  • CSL-3238 - Improved stability of the zones endpoint.

November 8, 2019

  • CSL-3224 - Fixed an issue where certain characters were not allowed in email addresses.

November 7, 2019

  • CSL-3219 - Fixed an authentication issue related to Web Snapshots.
  • CSL-3223 - Fixed an authentication issue related to Channel Schedules.

November 6, 2019

  • CSL-3214 - Fixed an authentication issue related to Media.

November 5, 2019

  • CSL-3077 - Added "Creation – Linked Bulletins" right to Carousel.
  • CSL-3133 - Dean Evans has been removed as an event data source.
  • CSL-2918 - Revamped user management in Carousel to allow invitation and forgot password workflows.
  • CSL-2905 - Improved HTTP security by adding new headers to responses.
  • CSL-2979 - Improved bulletin display timing on Mersive and Brightsign beta players.

September 3, 2019

  • CSL-2975 - Limits CPU resources used for rendering RSS bulletins
  • CSL-2864 - Standard bulletins crossfade on BrightSign Cloud players
  • CSL-2872 - Player dashboard respects pagination after a browser refresh
  • CSL-2907 - Improved video transitions on BrightSign and Mersive players
  • CSL-2976 - "Unable to remove file" error when rendering RSS bulletin

August 20, 2019

  • CSL-2896 - PhantomJS-Renderer using 100% CPU with RSS bulletin
  • CSL-2894 - Player never transitions to newly created bulletins if originates on a zone with only one bulletin

August 7, 2019

  • CSL-2887 - Video bulletins are skipped if they fail to load properly
  • CSL-2889 - Mersive videos play as expected on initial load or after a channel change
  • CSL-2890 - BrightSign videos play as expected on initial load or after a channel change
  • CSL-2814 - Carousel Service has been optimized to prevent database timeouts which could occur as a result of processing a large number of bulletin impressions
  • CSL-2838 - Carousel Rendering service no longer consumes excessive CPU under specific circumstances
  • CSL-2873 - Resolved issue where Twitter bulletins would get stuck in Upcoming with 'No Content To Display'
  • CSL-2875 - Improved back to back video playback on BrightSign players
  • CSL-2876 - Improved back to back video playback on Mersive players
  • CSL-2878 - SSO identity provider logo displays as expected
  • CSL-2843 - Impression Tracking support for BrightSign and Mersive Players
  • CSL-2886 - BrightSign players no longer flash to white repeatedly during upgrades

July 24, 2019

  • CSL-2804 - Carousel API Fetch URL can be exploited to access internal network devices
  • CSL-2817 - Cloud: renderer uses 100% of the CPU
  • CSL-1684 - Webpage snapshots can pose security risk
  • CSL-2758 - Installer Fails on Database Creation with System TLS 1.0 Disabled
  • CSL-2815 - Cloud instances are susceptible to rendering DDOS due to unauthenticated endpoints
  • CSL-2746 - Web Snapshot delay doesn't look like its being applied AFTER the dom is ready
  • CSL-2748 - Apple TV takes longer than expected for a scheduled channel change
  • CSL-2757 - Zone RSS Feeds CDATA Formatting Fix
  • CSL-2786 - Spacing of items in dynamic event bulletin is incorrect when multiple groups per page is selected
  • CSL-2853 - 500 Error with Web Snapshot
  • CSL-0481 - Changing background for analog clock template breaks other clocks
  • CSL-2613 - Dynamic Fields not spacing correctly with Exchange calendars
  • CSL-2675 - Added fixed font size entry field in template editor for text blocks
  • CSL-2675 - Added fixed font size entry field in template editor for text blocks
  • CSL-2687 - Dynamic bulletin #hashtags# are briefly displayed on the players output
  • CSL-2742 - Seamless background uploads respect EXIF orientation metadata, unlike regular media uploads
  • CSL-2761 - Copy Bulletins - "All Zones" selector is inconsistent as more zones are selected
  • CSL-2774 - Channel Schedule Help Text Inaccurate
  • CSL-2778 - Weather bulletins show #caption# when no caption is set
  • CSL-2785 - Housekeeping is still trying to clear background audio on develop
  • CSL-2792 - Server Time Zone displays in Channel Schedule and Bulletin Schedule
  • CSL-2825 - Service updates Web Snapshots for bulletins that have been deleted
  • CSL-2844 - Display server timezone in health check
tvOS & iOS Version 8
  • CSL-2803 - Hash mismatch will cause media downloads to get stuck
  • CSL-2841 - ATV: weather bulletin changes not picked up by the Apple player
  • CSL-2819 - ATV: countdown clock bulletin not breaking up months
tvOS & iOS Version 9
  • CSL-2848 - Apple TV crashes to home screen after changing channels a few times

June 10, 2019

  • CSL-2700 - Can't Edit Layouts in a Full Screen Alert Zone without All Zone Admin Rights
  • CSL-2750 - International characters/accent marks parse improperly in iCal
  • CSL-144 - Default Zone Background Not Updating on Player When Changed
  • CSL-2697 - Account for Player Pagination in API Swagger Documentation
  • CSL-2754 - .webmanifest mime type needs to be added to /player
tvOS & iOS Version 7
  • CSL-2749 - Apple TV crash to home screen after disabling a full screen alert
  • CSL-2747 - AppleTV show yellow dot in player dashboard
  • CSL-2760 - Certain fonts cannot be downloaded causing clocks not to display

May 7, 2019

  • CSL-2496 - Activating a Player via Mobile QR code Doesn't Redirect to Activation Page During SSO Sign-in Workflow
  • CSL-2025 - Added 9.7” iPad 2048x1536 Resolution to the Channel Editor Resolutions
  • CSL-2550 - Bulletin Scheduling Can Be Incorrect During Daylight Saving Time
  • CSL-2470 - Carousel Adds Extra Default Backgrounds on Clone Import
  • CSL-2665 - Carousel Cloud Fails to Scope MDM Configuration Profile for Full Alerts
  • CSL-2652 - Certain RSS Feeds are not Displaying Images
  • CSL-2540 - Dynamic Bulletins Do Not Respect Zone Timezone Setting
  • CSL-2676 - Event Display can Display Events in Incorrect Timezone
  • CSL-2448 - Expired EMS Bookings Continue to Show After They Expire
  • CSL-245 - Player Monitor Control Schedule Entries From 6.6 Can Have NULLs
  • CSL-2610 - Public RSS Excludes Dynamic Bulletins
  • CSL-2625 - Removed "Horribly" From the "Something Has Gone Horribly Wrong" Error
  • CSL-2609 - Set Accessibility Site to Disabled for Imported Channels
  • CSL-2556 - When Editing a Channel the Help Text Doesn't Focus on the Correct Section of Text

April 4, 2019

  • CSL-2502 - User Entered Player Name has Been Added to Player Notification Emails
  • CSL-2450 - Content Accessibility
  • CSL-1774 - Public RSS Does Not Include Dynamic Bulletins
  • CSL-2513 - User Cannot Delete Own Bulletin
tvOS & iOS Version 5
  • CSL-2595 - Carousel Player for iPad Running iOS 11+
tvOS & iOS Version 6
  • CSL-2573 - Digital Date/Time Bulletins Show the Incorrect Timezone Offset
  • CSL-2606 - Frozen Video After AirPlay on tvOS
  • CSL-2655 - Apple Player downloads dynamic bulletins too often

March 5, 2019

  • CSL-2370 Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • CSL-2334 Updated RSS Libraries
  • CSL-2393 Fresh feed bulletin is broken
  • CSL-2024 RSS/Dynamic Feeds Fail/Give Up
  • CSL-2362 Deleting an Alert Zone with an MDM Configuration Profile does not remove the profile
  • CSL-2389 Ignore comments in rss feeds
  • CSL-2433 Manage Players right can be confusing
  • CSL-2434 Player license count does not show up on activation screen if you only have Manage Players right
  • CSL-2498 Change API rights to match up with UI for manage players rights
  • CSL-2504 /activate is not working for users with just manage player rights
  • CSL-2505 Users with just manage players rights get all menu options on player screen, but not all work
  • CSL-2508 QR code doesn't bring you to the activate screen

February 5, 2019

  • CSL-2382 Bulletin preview for bulletins are not scaling to fit in the window in the bulletin editor
  • CSL-1794 Zone will not revert to Standby Graphic when bulletin expires
  • CSL-2351 GSuite Idp-initiated login doesn't work
  • CSL-2363 500 Error When Accessing Player Screen
  • CSL-1769 Update iCal Libraries
  • CSL-2251 Uploaded bulletins go to error state when edited
  • CSL-2265 Login fails through sso if a user is created without the email address as the username
  • CSL-2283 /renderclock: dynamic clock previews don't work well in 4K zones
  • CSL-2289 #ItemImageUrl# not working in RSS feed though image urls are fine.
  • CSL-2313 Newly created zones do not appear in the zone selector until after a page refresh
  • CSL-2314 Disabling full screen alerts pop a modal about disabling linked alerts, when there are no linked alerts
  • CSL-2352 Use Lambda post codedeploy to check api status and report to slack
  • CSL-2353 Cannot Create Bulletin Tag with a Period
  • CSL-2361 Encrypt EBS Volumes
  • CSL-2399 Security: Malicious Files Can Be Uploaded to the Server
  • CSL-1957 Change Default Password Hash Algorithm