Carousel for Apple TV is a great solution for deploying digital signage in
common areas and classrooms. Get true zero-touch deployment by
leveraging MDM tools such as JAMF Pro.

for Apple TV

The Carousel Player app available in the Apple TV App Store supports all the great features of the Carousel!


True zero touch deployment with Apple's Device Enrollment Program combined with MDM software such as JAMF Pro. Go from shrinkwrap to signage in minutes!


Carousel is able to change MDM profiles for devices managed by JAMF 9.98 or higher when certain content is created.


Seamlessly switch between digital signage content and airplay sessions, then back again. See it in action in the video below! Emergency messages can even override airplay sessions while they are in progress.

MDM management

MDM software makes managing scores of Apple TV's a snap! Manage your signage network with the tools you already know how to use.


Create more value from your Apple TV investment by extending them to show digital signage. In-room signage is a great way to communicate with staff and students.

about MDM Deployment

MDM deployment is difficult due to the fact that Apple has not yet released their Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for tvOS apps. Without VPP, we have to resort to using In-House App distribution via MDM.

We are working on a process by which we (TRMS) sign a custom app on your organization’s behalf by acting as an invited "Admin" on your organization’s Apple Developer Enterprise Account portal. This would allow TRMS to create a customized app that is signed with your org's enterprise certificates. This app can then be distributed as an In-House app via your organization’s MDM solution.

Unfortunately, there are some strict requirements for this method:

  1. Your organization must already have an MDM solution installed and running.
  2. Your organization must have an active Apple Developer Enterprise Account. This account will cost you $299/year, and is NOT the standard $99/year developer account.
  3. Your organization must invite a TRMS employee as an "Admin" to your Apple Developer Enterprise Account team.
  4. Your Apple Developer Enterprise Account must have at least one production In-House certificate for distribution available. Each account has a hard limit of two, we'll need one for this process.
  5. Your organization must have someone on staff who is already knowledgeable and comfortable with doing In-House App Distribution via your MDM solution.

If you are interested in pursing MDM deployment option with us, and you can meet all of the requirements listed above, let us know, and our Technical Account Manager will reach out soon with next steps.

Q: Can’t you just send me your app as an .ipa file?

A: No. All apps that are distributed via MDM must be “signed” by the organization that created the app. Based on our understanding of Apple’s terms and conditions, we cannot share our organization’s signed app with another organization. And you are not allowed to use MDM to distribute an app signed by a different organization. Those are the rules of the road for Apple, as we understand them.

Q: What happens when VPP is released for tvOS?

A: You will be able to make bulk purchases on the tvOS App Store (including the Carousel Player for Apple TV app!) and distribute those apps via your MDM solution. The In-House App distribution method will no longer be needed to deploy the Carousel Player app to your organization’s Apple TVs. Any organization that worked with us to used the In-House App Distribution method will be transitioned to VPP as soon as possible.

It may take some time for your MDM solution to introduce support VPP for tvOS, so watch for product update announcements from both Apple and your MDM solution provider. 

Q: When will VPP be released for tvOS?

A: Apple generally does not share their product roadmap. Unfortunately we have no insight into when we will see VPP for tvOS. 

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