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Setting Up Single Sign On with Okta and Carousel

December 18, 2018

To set up Single Sign On using Carousel and Okta you'll need to have administrator access in both systems and have two browser windows open. Then follow these steps and you'll be all set.

Log into Carousel in one browser window and navigate to Settings > Users > Single Sign On and click the 'New Identity Provider' button.

Log into Okta in another browser window and navigate to Admin > Applications and click 'Add Application'.

Click 'Create New App'.

Choose the SAML 2.0 method.

Fill in the basic info about the application and click 'Next'.

Use this information from the Carousel window. fill in this information in Okta.

Add the claims information in the 'Attribute Statements' section.

Click 'Next' to complete the setup.

Choose 'Internal App', provide any extra information to Okta that you choose to provide then click 'Finish'.

After creating the app in Okta, click the 'View Setup Instructions' button to get the information required to complete the process in Carousel.


Use the information found on this page... populate the fields in Carousel as seen here. Don't forget to save your identity provider!

Congratulations! Once you assign some users to the application in Okta you can begin to use Okta as an SSO provider for Carousel. A log in with Okta button will be on the Carousel log in page or they can log in from the Okta dashboard.

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