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Setting Up Single Sign On with G Suite and Carousel

December 18, 2018

Step-by-step guide

Open your GSuite Admin control panel. Select SAML apps

Add a new application

put the information in 1 and 2...

... into a new Identity Provider you just created

Download the certificate, open the file and copy
the content into your clipboard...

... and paste it in the x509 Certificate box.
Optionally you can upload a logo as well.

Scroll up the page, copy the following information...

Press Next

Give the App a distinct name. Optionally, upload a logo.
Press Next.

... enter the information retrieve in #4 and #5 in here.
Press Next.

Add a new mapping.

Set the name to Email, and make it the Primary Email. Press Finish.

The service is currently OFF. Edit the Service, and turn it on
for the desired users.


Download File: