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How do I setup or configure a Carousel for BrightSign Player?

December 18, 2018

Configuring a BrightSign player to work with Carousel is super easy! Basically copy a single .brs script onto the SD card of your BrightSign and Carousel takes care of the rest!

  1. Login to your Carousel Web User Interface.
  2. From the Carousel Main Menu, find the User Menu in the top-right corner, expand it and click on Configure.
  3. From the Configure Menu, click on Players.
  4. Click on Player Setup.
  5. Click the ‘+New’ button under Setup Script For BrightSign Players
  6. Enter a name and the IP or DNS address of the Carousel server
  7. Click the orange download icon
  8. Copy the downloaded script onto the SD card of your BrightSign players

Once the BrightSign boots with that magic little script it will update it's firmware and download the rest of the important files from the Carousel server.

Download File: